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Like numerous other rural South African communities, there aren’t many jobs available in Loskop in the KwaZulu-Natal province where unemployment levels are nearly 30%. There’s a shoe factory in town and that’s it as far as big employers.


Many local residents travel hours to South Africa’s larger cities to find work, which means leaving home on Sunday and returning on Friday night. Not only are they far from their families, but they have to pay for additional housing in the city, as well as transportation to and from their jobs. There’s little money left after those expenses.


We see things completely differently: Loskop is one of Zimele’s greatest advantages.


Among Zimele’s founding principles is to discover artistic talent and establish job opportunities in our hometown. We’re sending a message that you can indeed create meaningful and fulfilling work in the Cathkin Valley, and fully capitalize on this area’s vast potential.


We return home to our families every night, which supports a more harmonious studio environment and creative culture. We have lifelong connections with friends and businesses in this area which foster a true spirit of local collaboration. Together, we all succeed.


Today, Zimele employs more than two dozen artists at our Loskop studio. Our goal is to one day be like that shoe factory and employ even more local residents in our business that brings happiness to customers worldwide.

Join us at our studio and gallery. Meet the artists, experience the creative process, feel the Zimele spirit.

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